What is RFID anti metal tags?

What is RFID anti metal tags?

RFID anti-metal tags, made of durable flame retardant 4 (FR-4) laminate,
can withstand temperatures up to 200 ° C (in oil), high humidity and
pressures up to 15-bar. In addition, the tag can withstand vibration
and mechanical shocks and is resistant to chemical hazards such as
sulfuric acid and salt water.

Can RFID tags be read through metal?

With RFID technology development.Now there are various of material
RFID tags can be read through metal. Like Hard RFID metal tags,
which in ABS material in LF, HF or UHF chips. FR4 is a sepcial
material design for metal surface used. And there are RFID metal
tags labels in paper material for metal surface.

What kind of industries are needing metal mount RFID tags?

Anti metal RFID tags are very good ideal for asset and management
tracking in oil& gas cylinder ,in medical devices for healthcare, IT
, Vechicle tracking identification and other related metal

Types of RFID metal tags

Active RFID metal tags and metal passive RFID tags (this one is our
main product)
From working frequency : UHF RFID metal tag, HF RFID metal tag, LF
RFID metal tag

What environmnets are RFID anti-metal tag can work ?

RFID metal tags could be exposed to harsh conditions. Many UHF RFID
metal tags are using in rugged material. These rugged RFID tags are
typically encased within a hard shell and will survive hard impacts,
moisture exposure, and extreme temperatures.

Is possible printable of anti metal RFID tags ?

If you can need print your logo or print design on the anti metal
RFID tags. Of course, felxible RFID metal tags labels can be in 4/4
print. Hard RFID tags can be silkscreen printed. And RFID metal tags
engraved for numbering or simple logo.

Where is the market of RFID tags for metal ?

Our metal mount RFID tags market are including RFID metal tags us,
RFID metal tags usa, RFID metal tags USE, RFID metal tags UK , RFID
metal tags Europe, RFID metal tags Asia and so on .

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